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Would you like to feel more centred in who you are?

Inspirational Balance will help you access that wellspring of ALL who you can be!















Have you ever wandered about your life's potential if your intuition was functioning at 100%? Inspirational Balance is like a GPS to bring you to your highest spiritual truth & purpose!

Inspirational Balance assists you to find your authentic power.  

Benefits you will receive:

                        - Learning to live stress free

                        - Truly living; living life with purpose

                        - Understand your past & feel empowered to master your future

A Healing and/or an Oracle Session will release you from past patterns: Energy blockages in your physical and subtle anatomy. Unwanted recurring life patterns can be reversed, emancipating the life you were born to live.            



A Body Balancing / Transpersonal Counselling session will help you return to natural state of health & joy helping you:

                  - recover from physical & emotional imbalances (back pains,                               muscular aches, joint pain, headaches, emotional                                               trauma) 

                  - feel more energised; with balanced energy & Chakras Boosted   

                  - awaken your purpose with your Hero's Journey

                  - Removal of your energy blockages so that you can move                                   forward with power & purpose 

                  - Obtain the tools to master it for yourself

Inspirational Balance Mission 

To see a world where everyone has the opportunity to live out their highest and most inspired version of success. We bring the tools, the space and the inspiration for you to connect to your highest guides, for support of the highest vision for your life. 

Qualifications: Adv Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling (including Art Therapy), Reiki Master, Diploma in Complimentary Therapies including Magnified Healing, and Energetic Engineering (Lighthouse for the Soul). Author of published wellbeing articles, I will be taking my Inspirational Balance system of self healing into publication with my upcoming book "The Art of Flowma". 


Body Energy Balancing, Body Work & Reiki Energy Healing 

Transpersonal Counselling & Loving Destiny Coaching

Oracle Reading with Animal & Ancestors Spirits


Here is one customer' testimonial: 

"I'm very pleased with the care given to me during Ilya's healings. The calming and gentle presence he radiates is a rare treasure. I speak from my heart when I say I am lucky and blessed to have met him."