Body Energy Balancing, Body Work & Reiki

Body Work

Revitalizing Your Energy Levels to your natural joyous state of ecstasy. Chakra Clearing, Entity Removal, Soul Retrieval, Meridian Massages, stimulating pressure points and Intuitive Healing using your guides. Entity removal to alleviate past traumas, and soul retrieval for power and protection.

Balancing your Chakra and meridian system, with physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms.


Natural Healing facilitated by natural hands on healing.

Providing Magnified Healing for extra energy of Lady Master Kwan Yin. 

Reiki works on the body, mind and soul. Research has found that it reduces stress, depression and anxiety. Reiki delivers insights to you about your own issues. 


Oracle Reading with Spirit Animals & Your Ancestral Protection

Animal Spirit Card Reading and Ancestral Guidance. 

Ancestral spirits have a tendency to come into readings and healings, offering you relevant messages. 

I help you find your Totem Animal to give you strength and inspiration whenever you need it for yourself!









Transpersonal Counselling

& Coaching

Give yourself space and be listened to by a trained and empathic ear with intervention techniques that will see you go beyond your limitations.

You will be guided through higher states of consciousness with mindfulness techniques, and dream analysis. I also facilitate a 

Hero's Journey ritual to help you overcome unwanted patterns and rebirth a new you.

Skype Coaching

Counselling and Loving Destiny Coaching services via Skype. 


*5 sessions package  ~ $395 (includes 5 free coaching session follow ups)

*Refer a friend and receive 20% off your next visit

Bring your Mind, Body and your Soul into alignment today!