Shamanism And You

Shamanism is the animal & earth wisdom that forms the superstructure of our life. In science it is benignly known as the Geosphere. But there is a whole living dimension of intelligence and logic that we rarely tap into. In this wisdom lies all the healing and balance we ever need. 

Each specie of animal plays it's particular role on this earth. They each have certain medicinal qualities that contain our blocked consciousness within them. When you form a certain relationship with a specie of animal you release your blocked consciousness, and fill it with healing. Blocked consciousness means illness, whilst being conscious means being fully healthy and fully aware in your infinite intelligence. 

In receiving a Shamanic Body Balancing you receive all the intelligence of animal wisdom, as we all as the intelligence of your ancestral guidance, guides and ancestors who are always present in your aura. You have this in your day to day consciousness, but rarely tap into its potential as you get bogged down by the conditioning and the demands of everyday mundane life. 

Your life was not meant to be mundane. It was meant to be magical. 

Let's work together to bring out your magical consciousness. 

Your Totem Animal

A Totem Animal helps you to shift and expand your state of consciousness. 

the universe contains within it a never ending number of frequencies of consciousness. Hence the universe maintains its variety of forms and infinite possibilities of experience. 

Your totem animal is the living form that teaches what you need to learn at this particular time. It teaches you how to be, how to be more connected to the planet, and to have more resources available. This way we can be more of who we were born to be. We can overcome fear and narrow thinking, and be in our heart with the fullness of the living energy by which the universe expresses its aliveness. 

Go into nature. Open your eyes to see the living forms around you. Different variety of trees and plants, the different animals and insects that scatter your consciousness. Zone into any one particular living form. 

This is your totem for today. 

Ask yourself... what brings my attention to this life form?

How does it exist that is similar to me? 

How does it exist that is different to me? 

What can my consciousness adopt from my experience of this animal in my space?

With every Shamanic Body Energy Session you will have your Totem Animal revealed and the appropriate Meditation given to you. Once we establish your Life Mission we can find your Life's Animal Totem. 


Shamanism And My story

Shamanism’s roots are known to have begun in Siberia when psychedelic mushrooms were used in healing circles. But it was probably used even before that, because it was discovered that it was simultaneously practiced in India, South America and Native North America even without the help of social media spreading its ideas. Hence it is known as the oldest spiritual practice in the world. It follows the principle not of a god but of animism: the idea that everything is alive and that all things contain consciousness.

When I discovered Shamanism for myself through a series of spontaneous shamanic journeys, it opened all my senses to what ordinary consciousness calls MAGIC.

These journeys involved meetings with animals and intelligent beings alike. They were out of this world! I experienced higher dimensional communication. I have also had healings that defied all logic... ailments that disappeared! I had to go and learn Shamanic Energy Body Work for myself. Now I would like to share it with you – it can reprogram your emotional-body system, giving you the power to master your life. 

How Shamanic Body Work helps you

Shamanic Energy Bodywork works with your subtle anatomy like clearing chakras, meridian energy massage, and activating pressure points that relate to your posture/current issue.

We store our emotions physically. The body is the sum total of experiences that it stores as emotions. Ignoring the accumulation of negative emotions can lead to dis-ease. Deeply stored entities can be released from the body as your emotions are brought to closure. Because emotions often linger on long after a consultation with a health care professional, Loving Destiny Body Energy Healing brings your body into energetic alignment, with clear intention, and a realignment with your highest desires. A Loving Destiny Healing will leave you feeling recharged and whole (

Shamanic Energy Body Balancing connects you to animal wisdom. It can bring you to wholeness, for example give you heart to be courageous (like a lion), the stamina to endure the road of success (like an ostrich), have clearer focus (like a shark), obtain magic vision needed for creativity (like a raven or an eagle), or to obtain peacefulness (like a manatee). You will have the ability to re-invent yourself and face any situation with the medicine of your Totem Animal.